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Additional Benefits Surebond Sealers Offer:

  • Enhancement – Surebond Sealers with enhancing properties offer visual improvement by intensifying the color of the surface and/or adding a sheen.
  • Joint Stabilization*– Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealers harden the sand within the pavement joints reducing sand washout, inhibit weed growth and protect against insect infestation.
  • Easier Maintenance – Sealed surfaces are easier to clean and maintain by keeping stains from penetrating the hardscape surface.Surebond Sealers can start protecting new hardscape surfaces immediately after installation because of their unmatched breathability that will not trap efflorescence under the sealer surface.  In addition, restoring and then sealing a previously installed project can help bring a dirty, tired-looking hardscape back to life and make it look like almost new again!

The Unmatched Breathability Of Surebond Sealers

  • Surebond products can be applied immediately after paving stones are installed or concrete has cured
  • Surebond products will not trap efflorescence under the sealer surface, allowing for cleaning without stripping the product
  • Surebond products are effective and long-lasting, VOC compliant and environmentally friendly Read all instructions before starting Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealers perform two tasks at once. The sealer stabilizes the sand in the joints to prevent sand loss and to help retard weed growth. The sealer also provides protection from the harsh elements and promotes easier cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the application, you can expect 3-5 years for patios and walkways from just one application and 2-3 years for driveways. Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealers can also be used just as a sealer for pavers, concrete and other masonry surfaces to protect and enhance the surface without joint stabilization.
  • STABILIZE Joint Stabilizing Sealers

Contractor Grade for Residential & Commercial Hardscape & Concrete Surfaces

  • Ideal for Patios, Walkways & Driveways
  • Dual Purpose: Stabilizes Joints & Seals Pavement Surface
  • Protects Surface from Harsh Elements and Every Day Wear & Tear
  • Promotes Easier Cleaning & Maintenance Four Different Looks & Finishes Available: Natural Look Matte Finish Enhanced Look Gloss Finish With Antifungal Film Protection Enhanced Look Gloss Finish Wet Look Semi-Gloss Finish With Antifungal Film Protection Flood Coat.

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