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MICA  is a decorative floor system consisting of solid color or blended mica flakes in 100% solids epoxy with a durable, UV resistant urethane topcoat.  It’s ideal for applications where you want the durability and performance of an epoxy floor yet with a unique look. Available in both macro and micro flake sizes that won’t fade or discolor.

  • Low odor, low VOC
  • CA 01350 Compliant
  • Available in multiple colors and blends

Using mica chips in a full-chip system takes your flooring “next-level”. Mica is a glimmering silicate mineral found as minute flakes in granite (and other rocks) and is available in many colors and opacities. When incorporated in a floor in a full-chip spread, it provides a unique texture, pattern and reflective quality that only mica can deliver. It’s as aesthetically stunning as it is durable!

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Color Chart

Mica Color Chart


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