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Structures like parking lots & multi-level garages, mechanical equipment rooms and mezzanines in industrial settings are subject to frequent movement as well as heavy stress from everyday wear and the environment. Without the proper floor coatings, these influences can cause damage like cracks that expand over time.

Flexibility that Increases Impact Resistance

The flexibility of elastomeric floor coatings helps protect your concrete flooring against water, cracking, and stress damage. In addition to flexing and absorbing this type of stress, elastomeric coatings are also frequently used to fill the joints between active, moving concrete slabs. They can also seal repairs in your substrate, which may otherwise be vulnerable to repeat cracking. Frequently used in conjunction with epoxy or other high performance flooring systems, Apex’s elastomeric coatings provide long-term support in highly demanding environments.

Protection Against the Elements

Elastomeric floor coatings aren’t just resilient—they offer considerable protection against the elements. Frequently used as waterproofing underlayments under epoxy or other flooring systems, they form an impervious membrane suitable for settings like upper level shower rooms, industrial freezers, commercial kitchens or wet processing areas — especially when situated over dry storage or other occupied spaces.

Benefits of Apex’s Elastomeric Floor Coatings:

In addition to their trademark resilience, our elastomeric coatings are:

  • 100% solid, solvent-free, & zero VOC
  • Environmentally friendly and LEED contributing certified
  • Conform with USDA requirements
  • Antimicrobial protected (When optional EPA registered FloroSeptic is added)

These and other benefits make Apex’s elastomeric coatings a formidable defense against stress & trauma to your overall floor coating hardscape.

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